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So. On way to interview.   I get hit in this fuckass stupid hailing drenching squall that lasted for two minutes. Literally. Two. Fucking. Minutes.  Hit me between Spencer st. Station and LaTrobe street.

So. It drenched me.  And killed my phone.  You know, the one I need to get fuckin phone calls for jobs.  Despite my umbrella. AND THE FACT MY PHONE WAS IN MY FUCKING BAG.





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brb shooting self in face
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Finally got my tax return - two and a half grand. First thing I did was stuff a months worth into both the bill and rent kittys, then strongarm [livejournal.com profile] torasin into coming to Southland with me because dammit, I promised him a new TV waaaay back when before this shit went down, and it was one I intended to keep. Poor bastard deserves a treat after this shitfest. Not too bad, 32" TEAC LCD for $500. With a built in blu-ray player. And Cris finally fucking paid me.

Just got back from the vet - Misha's definitely a she, definitely unfixed and was not chipped. (I'd been checking posters and vets and pounds and no one's been looking for her.) She is now chipped, has been de-wormed, de-flea'd, de-aids-ed has a purple collar (with a black tag with mine and CJ's mobile numbers coming soon in the mail) and will be getting her girly parts scrooched in a month when she gets her secondary FIV shot.

I know cats land on their feet, but this is ridiculous :P
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Dad's in hospital. Same thing as last time, looks like a heart infection

He's got an endo scheduled for today and then we'll know more

It's just....really not been a good period for my family, has it?


Jul. 16th, 2012 02:04 pm
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Didn't get the job.
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So, gotta come up with $600 in unpaid fees for Yon Nephew's schooling, bloody cris still hasn't fucking paid me for the last of the work at SMB and still no callback on job snuffles. A bit of wee may be coming out at this point.

So I spent a good chunk of today teaching Yon Nephew how to cook.

Made about fifty anzac biscuits, a shitton of shortbread, and cheese and bacon pull-apart from scratch.

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Some people are trying to play head games with me right now and giving me that whole "you are an annoyance" fucking passive aggressive brushoff and you know what?

I'm just not in the mood. I'm not playing that. And yeah, you might not have the courtesy to just end it cleanly. I do.

And have.

I mean, yeah, relationships have ups and they have downs and it happens. Fine with that. But if it just continually becomes an endless pattern of dismissal?

Bugger it.
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Grandma's in hospital right now. Joe found her purple and gasping for breath.

They're keeping her in until saturday - she's apparently got fluid on the lungs and they're looking to put a pacemaker in her heart.

She's not a small woman, and she's not a young one, (in her 80's) so yeah, not really horrifically surprised but still

ok. i really can't keep doing this much longer ok


Jun. 25th, 2012 06:29 pm
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Got part of the pay for the weekend work (2k so far) and ......Promptly blew a large chunk.

Still, Yon nephew now has jeans without holes, tracksuit pants to wear as pyjamas, a much-needed Medicare Card and a set of drawers to store his clothes in.

Plus a haircut.


Meanwhile I has a shitton of meat and pies shall ensue.

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I swear to god the next person who whines at me about not getting any goddamn fic right now I WILL SET ON FIRE.


Jun. 18th, 2012 02:10 pm
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so yeah, worked 30 hours this weekend

*dies s'more*
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Welp, they wanted me to come in tomorrow afternoon, for a second stage interview, which I'm sorry no can't do. So they decided to get a bit pushy


Nice one guys. I'm sorry, but you were supposed to get back to me last week about these interviews. Surprisingly, you cannot call me up the day before and demand my presence and get what you want. Chiefly because ex-$boss has offered me work this weekend upgrading a client site we'd been planning before my tenure there ended. Unsurprisingly, I took him up on it. Which means I'm spending tomorrow doing the prework, this weekend doing the DC upgrade and major network restructuring, and then Monday is the shakedown. Plus, you know, he's fucking paying me for this.

On a personal level, go pork yourself. This is money in hand, not "maybe we possibly look at you for job." of fucking COURSE I'm going to damned well take it.

On a professional level, go blow a goat. I'm already committed to a major project, and if you'd fucking hire me for dumping it in the shitter at the last fucking second I wouldn't fucking work for you
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oh, bugger it
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Turns out they'd typo'ed, it's 65k + super, not 55. Now I'm bringing my A game.
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Got an interview with a skating rink tomorrow - the pay's on the pig's arse side of low, but I figure I may as well get the ball rolling, even if I duck out for something better down the track. Last pay is still due from SMB, but most of that is going into shoring up the rent and bill kitties so we at least have some wriggle room with [livejournal.com profile] torasin's paycheque for a few months (I'm aiming to cover my half of everything up to at least 22nd August)

Look at me, I am the budget queen.

Here's hoping I score something soon, even if its' only temp shit - I badly need to get the material to make some thicker curtains for CJ's room at the very least. Winter's fuckin' nasty this year and he's parking his bed right under the windows. Goofball.
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Pug died during surgery this morning
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"I like it here. No one throws things at me or yells if I fall asleep on the couch"


May. 20th, 2012 12:05 pm
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Woke up today just bleh. Bleh. Combination of stupid questions, random bandwagon jumping on shit i've been saying for ages (but suddenly becomes noteworthy when someone else says it) , stpuid sms eating into what little time i don't spend at work frantically trying to earn some extra cents before it goes down the crapper and a rotten cold that won't go away and shit that needs to be done all the fucking time that apparently i'm only fucking capable of doing and you know what? Fuck you, fuck this planet, fuck so called family and most certainly of all fuck so called friends

I'm fucking out


May. 4th, 2012 06:08 pm
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